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ATR Dashboard (NT8)


ATR Dashboard is a handy tool that overlays your chart to display the current ATR value of the subject market as well as three more user-defined ATR multiples. The indicator includes optional formatting, screen placement, and ability to display values in both raw-price or whole tick units….

AnchorTrend™ (NT8)


Anchor Trend is a unique trend analysis system that focuses on the directional sentiment of current price action using OHLC data. Once learned and applied accurately, a trader can easily assess the current trend in any market. This indicator will enhance your analysis of Anchor-Trend by validating and significantly speeding up your process.
Features including: display trend key history, display beginner learning symbols, paint trend colors

Major Levels (NT8)


Plots major institutional price levels for most instruments using the historical theory of Natural Numerics; eighth and quarter interval pricing.  Price levels are plotted automatically with custom style parameters based on the current chart interval being viewed or selected level type.
– NinjaScript output plot
– Customizable display styles
– Profit-zone overlay…