We look forward to being part of your new creation!


Our work together is voluntary by both parties.  We reserve the right to refuse service or cancel a project for any reason without cause.

Refund Policy
All custom development invoices are non-refundable.  If you are uncertain or unclear about anything related to your project, please ask all questions before proceeding with the contract.  In the rare event that a project is cancelled by us for unforeseen reasons, we agree to refund all deposits and any partial payments for undelivered work.

Simple quotes are provided free of charge.  We will generously spend up to one hour of free consultation per project to discuss your needs in detail.  For additional hours or extensive quotes, we will charge our normal hourly rate.  Small projects expected to be 10 hours or less are capped at 10 hours.  Large projects contain more unknown variables and are subject to an adjustment of 50 percent above or below the original quote.

Hourly Rates
Rates are $150 USD per hour.  All jobs are quoted and billed on the whole hour, with a minimum project fee of $600 (4 hours).

Deposits and any applicable consulting fees are due before work begins and are required to secure your slot on the schedule.  Small project deposits are $600.  Large project deposits are quoted based on the scope of the project.

All invoices are due in full upon receipt.  Electronic invoices are payable by credit card or electronic transfer only.  Zelle, Venmo, Bitcoin, and Ethereum are available upon request.

Open-Source Code Delivery
All code is delivered open-source unless your project involves modification or inclusion of our in-house proprietary algorithms or libraries in which case those will be delivered in compiled form.  Payment in full is required prior to finished code delivery.

Bug Fixes and Change Orders
We use comprehensive, reliable coding and testing practices.  Despite our best efforts, bugs do occur and are not uncommon.  Bug fixes within the original scope of the project are guaranteed for one year after the code delivery date.  Change Orders outside the scope of the original project are not included and are billed at our hourly rate.

We make our best efforts and use best industry practices to achieve the highest odds of future compatibility.  However, as with all software, we cannot guarantee if or how long your software will remain compatible with future versions of the platform they are developed for.

We will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if one is provided.