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AnchorTrend™ (FXTS)


AnchorTrend is a unique trend analysis system that focuses on the directional sentiment of current price action using OHLC data. Once learned and applied accurately, a trader can easily assess the current trend in any market. This indicator will enhance your analysis of AnchorTrend by validating and significantly speeding up your process.
Features including: display trend key history, display beginner learning symbols, paint candle colors based on trend

ATR Risk Dashboard (FXTS)


This indicator automatically calculates and displays three defined ATR values with a suggested position size for the current instrument based upon the selected ATR multiplier and account risk parameters. Account risk parameters include: Account-Risk %, Margin-Use %, and Equity-Use %. The output is overlaid on the user’s chart in one of the four corners, with optional style formatting (text-size, text-color, background-color, transparency, border)….

Level Break (FXTS)


Level Break Count “LBC” calculates and tracks the number of “breaks” of historical price levels based on OHLC price action. It displays a conditional color-painted oscillator on the chart sub-graph to provide signals to the user. The oscillator provides a quick visual means for identifying trend strength, potential trend continuations, and turnaround points. Features include…

ATR Dashboard (FXTS)


ATR Dashboard is a handy tool that overlays your chart to display the current ATR value of the subject market as well as three more user-defined ATR multiples. The indicator includes optional formatting, screen placement, and ability to display values in both raw-price or whole tick units….

Major Levels FX (FXTS)


Plots major institutional price levels for currencies.  Includes ‘major quarters, major wholes, minor quarters, minor wholes’ that will automatically be displayed based on the current chart interval being viewed.

  • Customizable display formatting
  • Profit-zone highlight overlay

Meat & Potatoes Trend Suite (FXTS)

$32.00 – $445.00

The ultimate package for a Trend Trader!
This indicator trading system provides more accuracy, more efficiency, same analysis but less of your time in front of the charts! It includes 5 powerful tools: Anchor Trend, ATR Risk Dashboard, Unfilled Orders, FX Major Levels, and the LBC oscillator… plus more!…

Candle Overlay (FXTS)


Displays a higher-interval candle chart overlay with semi-opacity on the currently viewed chart. Great for multiple-time-frame analysis!…