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AnchorTrend™ (FXTS)


AnchorTrend is a unique trend analysis system that focuses on the directional sentiment of current price action using OHLC data. Once learned and applied accurately, a trader can easily assess the current trend in any market. This indicator will enhance your analysis of AnchorTrend by validating and significantly speeding up your process.
Features including: display trend key history, display beginner learning symbols, paint candle colors based on trend

ATR Risk Dashboard (FXTS)


This indicator automatically calculates and displays three defined ATR values with a suggested position size for the current instrument based upon the selected ATR multiplier and account risk parameters. Account risk parameters include: Account-Risk %, Margin-Use %, and Equity-Use %. The output is overlaid on the user’s chart in one of the four corners, with optional style formatting (text-size, text-color, background-color, transparency, border)….

Level Break (FXTS)


Level Break Count “LBC” calculates and tracks the number of “breaks” of historical price levels based on OHLC price action. It displays a conditional color-painted oscillator on the chart sub-graph to provide signals to the user. The oscillator provides a quick visual means for identifying trend strength, potential trend continuations, and turnaround points. Features include…

ATR Dashboard (FXTS)


ATR Dashboard is a handy tool that overlays your chart to display the current ATR value of the subject market as well as three more user-defined ATR multiples. The indicator includes optional formatting, screen placement, and ability to display values in both raw-price or whole tick units….

Meat & Potatoes Trend Suite (FXTS)

$32.00 – $445.00

The ultimate package for a Trend Trader!
This indicator trading system provides more accuracy, more efficiency, same analysis but less of your time in front of the charts! It includes 5 powerful tools: Anchor Trend, ATR Risk Dashboard, Unfilled Orders, FX Major Levels, and the LBC oscillator… plus more!…

Candle Overlay (FXTS)


Displays a higher-interval candle chart overlay with semi-opacity on the currently viewed chart. Great for multiple-time-frame analysis!…