Candle Overlay (NT8)


Candle Overlay is a very useful indicator that will display a larger-scale candle-chart overlay on the primary chart with semi-transparent rendering. It allows many different styling and format options as well as OHLC data plotting for the larger interval chosen.  Utilizing NinjaTrader’s unique ability to handle both synchronized and non-synchronized time and activity-bar intervals, this tool will render almost any candle-type chart over top of another in a clear and useful fashion.  You may even choose to apply multiple instances on top of one another for viewing several different intervals of the price chart simultaneously for a 3D-like perspective.  For multiple-time-frame analysis, there’s nothing better!

Candle Overlay chart style added for expanded usage with other bar types and tick-replay mode!  In some cases, the indicator overlay module may not provide the same versatility as a chart style is able to, which is why we’ve added this dynamic new component.  Now you may overlay candle bars on virtually any bar type or chart style that NinjaTrader supports. (intermixing bar types in this fashion can cause adverse results and is not guaranteed to work as expected)