Tab Linker (NT8)

$68.00 – $92.00

Meet TabLinker for NinjaTrader, the essential addon designed to make your trading experience smoother and powerfully organized!

It may not be the cornerstone of trading tools, but it does add a seriously helpful touch of effortless synchronization to any tab-enabled window to supercharge your trading workspace!


TabLinker will outperform and outclass any similar addon!

The app offers 11 color options for separate link groupings, allowing for easy, streamlined personalization of your workspace, and if you desire more flexibility, expanded options are available.

Efficient and organized

TabLinker allows you to link virtually any tab inside the platform.  Try linking account windows to keep eyes on your orders and positions at all times; or link all your chart windows by tab and instrument so you can front load all data at the start of the day and conveniently toggle between tabs as needed; or tab link multiple SuperDOM windows so your multi-instrument depth-of-market data is instantly ready to go.  The possibilities are yours.

key features

Distinct Workspace Links
Enjoy separate link groupings for each workspace, providing neat, individualized organization.

Session Memory
All tab links are preserved between sessions, offering consistent and reliable window loading behavior.

Swift Switching
Benefit from an instant, non-iterative switching model to streamline your workflow.

TabLinker brings more powerful, three-dimensional organization to your workspace so you can navigate with ease and focus on your bottom line!


TabLinker brings a subtle but powerful enhancement to NinjaTrader, providing an extra layer of convenience and organization to your daily trading tasks. It’s a modest, reliable addition to your platform toolkit, aimed at making your trading routine a bit more pleasant and manageable. Enjoy the little touches with the right tools that make a big difference with the TabLinker addon!