Includes five powerful CDX Tools plus more!

Meat and Potatoes Trend Suite is a unique trading system designed to focus on the directional sentiment of current price action and to identify potential entry and exit points using multiple analysis methods for identifying buyer and seller imbalances. Once learned and applied to multiple-intervals, a trader can easily assess the current price environment in any market!

This indicator package contains the core components needed to stay on top of rapidly changing market movements by performing many of the required calculations for you with a high-degree of accuracy. These tools can significantly reduce a trader’s time and workload while also enhancing the discipline and accuracy of the trader’s execution plan.  

NOTE: The Meat & Potatoes trading system is developed and provided as a customized tool-set intended for use by traders who are trained and familiar with the system.  Chart Dynamix does not provide training or best practices on the use of this system.

Anchor Trend

  • Live and historical trends
  • Multi-Time-Frame-Ready
  • Fully configurable display style
  • Auto gap-handling

ATR Risk Dashboard

  • Auto position-size calculation!
  • Configurable account risk
  • Configurable ATR values
  • Fully configurable display style

Unfilled Orders

  • Horizontally stackable for multi-time-frame configuration!
  • Historical mode for backtesting
  • Fully configurable display style

FX Major Levels

  • Auto-Level-Type based on time-frame
  • Multi-Time-Frame-Ready
  • Transparent profit-zone overlay
  • Fully configurable display style

Level-Break Oscillator

  • Configurable bull/bear break signals
  • Configurable overbought/oversold signals
  • Multi-Time-Frame-Ready
  • Fully configurable display style

ATR Dashboard

  • Simple, standalone ATR measurements without risk parameters
  • Fully configurable display style


  • Custom background text for your charts


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  • Release DateJuly 8, 2021
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  • Network10 MB/s+
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Lindsay S
Chart Dynamix is top notch! Their products really help to elevate your trading and take your account to the next level. They are supportive, knowledgeable, and really want to see traders succeed. You won't regret working with Chart Dynamix!
I have been using these tools for a few years now, and cannot imagine trading without them! The installation is very easy and the customization is intuitive. I would HIGHLY recommend them to traders at all levels, from beginners to seasoned vets.
Steve L
Chart Dynamix is great! The indicators are easy to install and simple to use. I believe Chart Dynamix will really improve my trading.
These indicators give a trader an edge in the market. The edge gained is a better trading plan, more efficient use of time and emotional gains. All traders need an edge and any of these indicators help to achieve the goal of being a profitable and consistent trader. The trend indicator in particular is invaluable to a trader for helping in their trading plan as well as emotions. The direction of the asset and time frame is immediately identified so there is no question with regards to going Long or Short. The traders can then concentrate and find an Entry.
Eva T
I have enjoyed using your indicators. These tools have been a game changer for my charts and my trading! I have found your indicators to be invaluable. I have found particularly useful the Anchor Trend, FX Major Levels and ATR Risk Dashboard, each of which have dramatically improved my trading and have enabled me to meet my daily trading goals in a shorter period of time. These tools have enabled me to make quicker decisions with greater confidence. Love your site and your indicators!