Includes six powerful CDX Tools!

1. Anchor Trend
    – multi-interval support
    – multi-asset support

2. ATR Risk Dashboard
    – auto position-size calculation
    – multi-asset support

3. Unfilled Orders
– multi-interval support
    – multi-asset support

4. ATRBox Drawing Tool
    – one-click ATR measuring and zone-drawing

5. FX Major Levels
    – auto-level-type

6. LBC
    – multi-interval support
    – multi-asset support

  • Anchor Trend

A unique trend analysis system that focuses on the directional sentiment of current price action using OHLC candle data.

  • ATR Risk Dashboard

Automatically calculates risk and position size for the current instrument based upon user-defined ATR factors and max account risk percentage.

  • Unfilled Orders

Displays areas of potentially unfilled Buy or Sell orders based on historical imbalances in price action.

  • ATR-Box Drawing Tool

Easily draws an extended rectangle on the chart based on the Average-True-Range.  1) Select the ATR multiplier you wish to use, 2) Draw the box with a single mouse-click. The ATR value is based on the historical price where you click on the chart.

  • FX Major Levels

Plots major institutional price levels for currencies.  Includes ‘major quarters, major wholes, minor quarters, and minor wholes’ that will automatically be displayed based on the current chart interval being viewed.

  • LBC

An oscillator that tracks the current directional sentiment and strength of the market based on price action. Includes over-bought and over-sold indications based on continuous directional moves without significant corrections.


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  • Release DateJanuary 5, 2018
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ChartDynamix was the best find ever for indicators!!! Can’t image my trading without it.
Joe L.
I absolutely enjoy your products as a very powerful Odds Enhancer in my trading.  I rarely trade without using them and when I do, I feel naked.  I sometimes do trade naked, but I have your charts up front and center.  LOL
Love the indicators. Great tools for the tool belt.
John P.
I love these indicators!! Easy to use, very insightful, keeping me out of bad trades. Thanks Chart Dynamix!
Mark R.
Love your software. I've got the FXCM Meat & Potatoes package. Everything you need to see on one chart (Butter Zones, Cumulative Anchor Breaks with Overbought and Oversold Oscillator, Supply Demand Zones on smaller and larger timeframes and more. Brilliant!!! Works great. Extremly helpful in making entry and exits. Glad I found it. Thanks Chart Dynamix!